MXGP of Italy 2014 Highlights

MXGP of Italy 2014 Highlights

Highlights video, race report and some great photos by Ray Archer from the MXGP of Italy at Maggiora!

Red Bull KTM factory riders Antonio Cairoli and Jeffrey Herlings made it a weekend for KTM to remember at the MXGP of Italy in on the iconic track at Maggiora, both taking double moto victories on Sunday to move further ahead in their respective MXGP and MX2 championships.

Herlings’ factory teammate Jordi Tixier was also back in fighting form finishing 3-3 behind in Herlings to give the factory team a 1-2 overall result in the MX2 class.

It was an emotional occasion for Red Bull athlete Cairoli, who has never won at the northern Italian circuit before and who admitted before the race that it was not one of his favorite tracks. But on a weekend when thousands of fans lined the hills around the circuit to support him, and who generated noise and greeted him with a sea of Italian flags and banners, the seven times world champion did not put a wheel wrong.

Cairoli, in his fluorescent race gear and hallmark yellow boots was fast out of the gates, took early control of both races and never looked like anything but an absolute winner. the Italian won each moto by a margin of more than four seconds, in each case from Jeremy van Horebeek, who was second overall. Kevin Strijbos was third overall to also make it a good day on the minor podiums for the Belgian duo.

Antonio Cairoli: “It’s always special to win a home GP especially on this historic track and with all these people. Normally you only see a crowd like this at the Motocross of Nations. Its good for our sport and the public was great so it was amazing for us all.”

Cairoli, with 443 points from the 10 rounds so far is aiming for his eighth title and now has a 38-point lead in the championships. Clement Desalle is second and van Horebeek is currently third.

Carioli’s MXGP teammate Ken de Dycker had an encouraging weekend moving up to fourteenth in the standings and registered a good seventh place in the second MXGP moto. De Dycker of Belgium is working hard to find form after a long injury break. He said after the race that he had spent time in Rome training with Cairoli before the GP and this had helped improve his fitness and his confidence. “I am more motivated,” he said. “Today I had a good start and that helped. I no longer have any pain in my ankle but I do have some trouble with my fingers cramping up. But its getting better and better.”

Herlings delivers two faultless motos for his 40th GP victory
In MX2 Red Bull athlete Jeffrey Herlings had a triumphant day out on the Italian circuit to be rewarded with his fortieth GP victory. This milestone is impressive because the Dutch teenager only joined the senior competition in 2010 and is already on his way to his third World Championship title.

Jeffrey Herlings: “The track was pretty good and this weekend I felt strong. I made some good points on Tonus and now I have a 55-point lead and we are working hard to get the third world championship title. It’s my dream to win the title in Lommel (MXGP of Belgium – August 3). I know myself that I am the fastest guy out there. I just have to get a good start and out it all together.”


Herlings has raced nine of the ten rounds – he was injured and did not compete in Brazil – and has won every race except two, where he placed second.

Red Bull athlete Tixier of France may have had a slow start to the season but as his result in Italy shows, he is gaining in confidence and adding more points to his tally for the year. Her has now moved up to third place in the points standings and only Swiss rider Arnaud Tonus separate him from Herlings.

Jordi Tixier: “I’m very happy with my GP, the jumps are pretty good here and you can have a lot of fun. I took two good starts so I didn’t need to pass too much but the track was quite slippery so you had to be careful. Second overall is my best result this season so hopefully I will continue this way.” 

Riders next compete in the MXGP of Germany at Teutschenthal on June 22.

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MXGP of Italy at Maggiora – Round 10
MXGP Results
1, Tony Cairoli, ITA, KTM, (1 – 1)
2, Jeremy van Horebeek, BEL, Yamaha, (2 – 2)
3, Kevin Strijbos, BEL, Suzuki, (4 – 3)
4, Clement Desalle, BEL, Suzuki, (7 – 4)
5, David Philippaerts, ITA, Yamaha (9 – 5)
Other KTM
6, Shaun Simpson, GBR, KTM, (8 – 6)
11, Dennis Ullrich, GER, KTM, (11 – 12)
14, Ken de Dycker, BEL, KTM, (27 – 7)

MXGP Standings after Rd. 10
1, Cairoli, 443
2, Desalle, 405
3, Van Horebeek, 402
4, Strijbos, 314
5, Frossard, 217
Other KTM
6, Simpson, 211
16, Karro, 122
17, Nicholls, 119

25, de Dycker, 26

MXGP Manufacturers Standings after Rd. 10
1, KTM, 443
2, Suzuki, 421
3, Yamaha, 402

MX2 Results
1, Jeffrey Herlings, NED, KTM, (1 – 1)
2, Jordi Tixier, FRA, KTM, (3 – 3)
3, Arnaud Tonus, SUI, Kawasaki, (2 – 4)
4, Dylan Ferrandis, FRA, Kawasaki, (7 – 2)
5, Tim Gajser, SLO, Honda, (4 – 5)
Other KTM
11, Valentin Guillod, SUI, KTM, (17 – 7)
13, Harri Kullas, FIN, KTM, (12 – 15)
14, Damon Graulus, BEL, KTM, (18 – 10)
15, Jose Butron, ESP, KTM, (16 – 12)
17, Mel Pocock, GBR, KTM, (14 – 30)
19, Pauls Jonass, LAT, KTM, (28 – 16)

MX2 Standings after Rd. 10
1, Herlings, 444
2, Tonus, 389
3, Tixier, 331
4, Febvre, 327
5, Ferrandis, 314
Other KTM
8, Guillod, 223
9, Butron, 213
16, Pocock, 84
17, Graulus, 77
19, Monticelli, 70

MX2 Manufacturers Standings after Rd. 10
1, KTM, 474
2, Kawasaki, 419
3, Husqvarna, 334

MX European Championship at Maggiora in Italy, Round 4
EMX250 Results
1, Thomas Kjer Olsen, DEN, Honda, (3 – 3)
2, Sullivan Jaulin, FRA, Kawasaki, (1 – 6)
3, Steven Clarke, GBR, KTM, (9 – 1))
4, Nicolas Dercourt, FRA, Yamaha, (4 – 4)
5, Ben Watson, GBR, KTM, (2 – 10)

EMX250 Standings after Round 4
1, Clarke, 153
2, Watson, 121
3, Van Doninck, 115
4, Olsen, 115
5, Jaulin, 113

EMX250 Manufacturers Standings after Round 4
1, KTM, 186
2, Kawasaki, 169
3, Honda, 141

EMX300 Results
1, Samuele Bernardini, ITA, TM, (1 – 1)
2, Marco Maddii, ITA, KTM, (2 – 2)
3, Bence Szvoboda, HUN, KTM, (3 – 3)
4, Felice Gompagnone, ITA, Husqvarna, (5 – 4)
5, Lewis Gregory, GBR, Yamaha, (4 – 6)

EMX300 Standings after Round 4
1, Bernardini, 185
2, Maddii, 169
3, Gregory, 152
4, Szvoboda, 101
5, Watel, 99

EMX300 Manufacturers Standings after Round 4
1, TM, 185
2, KTM, 175
3, Yamaha, 154



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