MP Bikenstein 2

MP Bikenstein 2

Another quality Bikenstein from MP:

Moa-ha ha ha haaaa! Fuck yeah, these bikensteins are fun! I put this one together last night and I think it would kick ass! Low positioned coolers that’d be filled with sand before even rolling out to the starting line of the Dakar, open dry clutch which wouldn’t last for 10km in rally conditions and the Ducati 1198cc twin which in this Vyrus 987 trim delivers 211hp! KTM’s 450 Rally front and the tail from the Freeride concept, beefy Akrapovic mufflers and good-for-nothing tank volume since I removed the rear tank and also cut the bottom of the front ones. My god, it’d be so useless that you’d better just stuff it in the back of one of those awesome Kamaz trucks if you want it to go anywhere at all, not to mention that it anyway wouldn’t fit in any of the classes of the Dakar… But screw all that, it looks killer in my opinion!


  1. Marcus 12 years ago

    Amazing! Really cool! Can’t wait for the next one! /Marcus

  2. BP 12 years ago

    I’m just following those links you sent me – I’ve been a Bikenstein fan since the begining – but I hadn’t seen this mongrel. What a fugly masterpiece! Looks like its been in a scrapyard crusher for a width & length squeeze & then rescued. That Camden carrot stubby is the cherry on the cake.

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