Motocross Action KTM 250SX Two Stroke

Motocross Action KTM 250SX Two Stroke

Motocross Action went out to Glen Helen raceway to ride the KTM 250SX that FOX Shocks set up with some mods by FMF. Although the bike looks like much hasn’t been done, the KTM has been built on a budget and made huge gains. Check out what our test rider Daryl Ecklund has to say about the bike. For more videos log on to



  1. Mark Smith 9 years ago

    Pretty lame , no actual facts about performance , just " big gains " in power . NOTHING about the suspension performance , although the video riding action makes you want to ride

  2. Derestricted 9 years ago

    Yea, all the info is in the magazine I guess. It's just a teaser to make you buy the issue. I subscribe to it anyway, it's a pretty good mag.

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