Motocross- 2 Strokes For Life

Motocross- 2 Strokes For Life

999lazer – “In the world of motocross, there exists a band of passionate, determined and down right bad ass riders and racers that are not afraid to say….. 2 Strokes for life!!!
On our motocross film making travels we bump into many an 85cc, 125cc, 250cc 2 stroke machines (even the odd 500cc monster!) And we just feel that often they don’t get the right amount of love and appreciation that they deserve, So we made this video for all of you that are proud to say… ‘2 Strokes For Life!’
Are you one us? Like, comment and share this video to let everyone know that you aint afraid to say ‘2 strokes for life’ and don’t forget to subscribe to our channel for more insane 2 stroke videos!

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Motocross- 2 Strokes For Life


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