MOTO 6: Behind The Scenes

MOTO 6: Behind The Scenes

A look behind the curtain at some of the magic which went into making Moto6 the movie. Some major league equipment and some of the best moto footage out there.
From DEFY:
Recently DEFY was contacted about being part of the making of the new moto6 film, released on November 4, 2014. We were stoked to work with Taylor on what will quickly be the best moto-the-movie release to date. Watch this behind the scenes footage to see how DEFY and Dactylcam were used in the making of the latest moto-the-movie film.
Watch the full Moto6 (The Movie) from Vimeo on demand here
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Relentless Inc.: Post Production Moto6 (Behind The Scenes)
Taylor Congdon: Director Producer
Tyler Weisz: Vice President of Dactylcam Production
Topher DeLancy: Camera Operator
Vladimir Kovalenko: Lead Editor
Kenny Yanga: Assistant Editor
Paul Anderson: Digital Colorist
David Biederbeck: Post Production Supervisor
Brad Wethington: Art Direction
Goon Bags: Invaders
Akeda & MIM: Maitreya
Astronaut: Earthsphere
KV9: Sleep Tight
Spazione: Cleaning After Murder
Dub Scout: Energy Beam ( exclusive)
Panda Eyes & Omegamode: The Elite
Perpetual Motion: Master


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