DE photos of the KTM 390 RC – ADAC cup bike

DE photos of the KTM 390 RC – ADAC cup bike

Since it is now back in the Kiska studio I snapped a few more photos of the recently released KTM 390 RC – ADAC cup bike for you.












  1. Khai Rahman 9 years ago

    love it!

  2. Asif Razvi 9 years ago

    As always great pictures.
    Some specs of the race bike, please.

  3. Ryan Chang 9 years ago

    kalo around 30k ok gak tapi mesti lebih dari 50k

  4. Khai Rahman 9 years ago

    Ryan Chang ak rasa dalam 30k kalau xsilap

  5. Mohd Zulfadli 9 years ago

    I love the subframe design.
    I hope KISKA would maintain that rear tail stye, n just put in that fierce Rc8 rear tail lamp.

  6. perghh..jatuh hati……berapa ni?

  7. Hafiz Ngisum 9 years ago

    Jangan.. aku tergoda nanti.

  8. Mohd Shahir 9 years ago


  9. Hazmin Jons 9 years ago

    Batal pose aku!

  10. Ahmad Faris 9 years ago


  11. Mohd Shahir 9 years ago

    Ceh .ko gang classic mane nk same bro

  12. Derestricted 9 years ago

    Similar to the 390 Duke I would guess but I dont know exactly.

  13. Car Mails 9 years ago

    Bila nak kluarnie… kat malaysia dah jual ker.

  14. Abd Ghafar 9 years ago

    Dah kuar dh

  15. KTM Duke 390 9 years ago

    absolute great! (y) love it too :-)

  16. AmNur Aiza 9 years ago

    gilak laaa!

  17. Hanif Rahman 9 years ago

    390 duke dalam 28k. yg ni confirm lebih 40k.

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