Monster Energy: Kris Foster #LimeLight

Monster Energy: Kris Foster #LimeLight

This is a good one! Reminds me somewhat of Red Bull, but anybody watching it wins right?! Some mega huge drops, great riding and filming too.

Located in the semi desert hills of the Okanagan region, Kris Foster brings new elements into the free ride game, making him arguable one of the best free riders to come out of Canada.

165ft step downs are serious and so is Kris Foster, this kid is the real deal!


  1. that was the best video I've seen in ages

  2. sick….what song is that ?

  3. impertinently

  4. John Earnshaw 9 years ago

    If you liked that have u seen twitches video you can get it on iTunes 420%all natural

    • Author
      admin 9 years ago

      Yea it’s great too, I bought it off iTunes. Love freeride mx.

  5. John Earnshaw 9 years ago

    Youl love it !!!

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