In June 2012 our crew from Wrenchmonkees went across Europe to test our own Nordic Work Wear tailored by Kansas. Driving, wrenching and sleeping in our own garments for 10 days proved for us what works and what doesn´t. This is how it went…


We build motorcycles and we ride them. Motorcycles shape our lives. Since 2008 we have been building custom motorcycles for committed souls in most parts of the world. We love the spirit of old Japanese, British, Italian and American motorcycles. We create simple but distinctive motorcycles with an attitude. As well as in
bikes we also believe in clothing based on simple fundamentals that relate to our work life in the garage, driving bikes and our everyday life in Copenhagen. For a long time we have felt an urge to create our own clothes. Clothing that fit our desires and needs in the garage and on the road.

So we decided to create our own label to get the feel and quality we wanted. This summer we finished our first edition and we took it out for a test spin on our bikes, to see if the garment would prove its strength on the road. 3000 kilometers across Europe; from Denmark down to the Spanish border. Driving, wrenching, eating, drinking and sleeping in your own garments for 10 days proves what works and what doesn´t.

The WM A.C Nordic Workwear edition is created in collaboration with KANSAS, who has been a long-standing Danish workwear manufacturer since 1952. We respect KANSAS as a genuine label that crafted the work clothes of our fathers with pride and superior garment quality. Today we collaborate with KANSAS to craft the
best long lasting garage wear for our generation.

Our garage is a result of passion and dedication. We work together with good friends and like-minded souls who all love the freedom of creating something beyond the conventional. Maybe with a bit too much gasoline in our veins. But this is how we grow – by putting the garments to work on the road and in the garage we evolve through trial and error.

Filmed by : Simon Weyhe & Mathias Nyholm Schmidt

Edit by : Simon Weyhe

Graphics by : Victor Lieberath Studio

Music by

Ormen – WSLS Records

Shot on : Canon C300, Sony FS100, Canon 5D marklll, Zeiss & Leica glass and Kessler crane

Riders : Nicholas Bech, Per Nielsen, Andreas Mørk Hansen, Lars Lykkegaard, Anders Holm, Ulrik Nielsen,
John Perrier, Martin Bøgelund Beck, Henrik Justesen, Jesper Nicolaisen & Christian Lebrecht

Driver : Affe

Thansk to : GOPRO, Kansas, May-Britt Gram & Domaine Des Girasols Rasteau



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