Momsen VIPA Team Issue – The Ride.

Momsen VIPA Team Issue – The Ride.

The VIPA was designed to race and win XC races. It is fast and light. Even with the short 50mm Renthal stem which I put on it the bike is longer than I have been used to, but I like the longer reach as it makes it really comfortable for extended rides and gets you nice and forward for climbing, which it does like a billy goat. On the rides I have done around the Island of Formentera the bike was a joy to ride as it just eats up the KM’s and took everything in it’s stride. It climbs well, cruises on the flat well, and even does pretty good on the way down too.


The spots in these photos were some of the more technical areas I saw while on rides but the VIPA felt at home even here. I will for sure put some wider bars on and some better front forks eventually, either 120 or 130mm to lift up the front a bit to make it more comfortable when it gets really steep or rocky. Apart from that it’s a wicked bike! Highly recommended! I will let the action and the smile on my face in the photos do the rest of the talking!






All these photos were kindly taken by my Buddy Dieter Wiechmann of Tacombi fame.

For more info on the Momsen VIPA check out my previous post here, or their website here, or give them a follow on Facebook here.


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