Mission RS: The Electric Superbike of the Future

Mission RS: The Electric Superbike of the Future

I know a lot of people will hate on this as always happens with electric bikes, but besides from the price and the range I see mainly positives in the development of battery powered bikes. They are super fun to ride, and if they can sort out the battery technology, the charging infrastructure and where all the energy will come from to charge them I see a place for them in the future. Either that or it’s all out mad max!:

As compared to their gasoline counterparts, electric motors have near-instant torque and linear power delivery, both important qualities when pushing a motorcycle to the limits of grip. Motherboard recently got to see just how effective the electric RS could be when we were given a demo by a former pro racer around a private race track in upstate New York.

Given the slow growth of the electric vehicle market and resultant charging infrastructure—it’s about as straightforward a chicken-egg scenario as one can get—can high-end electric vehicles break the stalemate? That’s been Tesla’s plan, with a goal of not just building electric cars, but better cars. Mission’s plan is similar—build the best electric bike possible, and those that can afford it won’t have to worry about compromises. For EV builders, it’s important to prove to the market that electric vehicles can compete, something the RS does well. But the huge question is when the technology will trickle down to cheaper models and more potential buyers.

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  1. Jensen Beeler 9 years ago

    You really have to ride this bike to fully appreciate it. There is no analogue EV on the market currently.

  2. I just want a freeride e to go poach around my neighborhood on

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