Marco Wilhelm – Audi Nexus project

Marco Wilhelm – Audi Nexus project

One of the cool things about working at Kiska is we get to see a lot of talented designers coming through to do their Diplomas. Marco Wilhelm had been following Derestricted for a while during his studies and came to finish his Bachelor of Transportation design degree here. The project was in collaboration with the Audi concept design studio in Munich and I am stoked to be able to show you some photos I took of the finished model as well as some of his concept sketches and development work.

Here is a little background on the project for you:
The Audi nexus is a fresh emotional approach to urban mobility, combining the various advantages of both motorcycles and cars. A dynamic 4-wheel tilting mechanism offers a totally new driving experience, you can lean into the curves and get the thrill of riding a motorcycle whilst still benefiting the safety and stability of a car. The small footprint (it’s as wide as a big scooter) allows you to zip through traffic and enjoy the ride instead of wasting your time on a congested road.















  1. Rahul Mazumder 9 years ago

    It looks like a KTM with Audi logos on it!

  2. If it can change forms, could have had 2 different riding modes…

    • Apoorva 8 years ago

      yeah… that would be awesome… In fact, opportunity lost…

  3. If it can change forms, could have had 2 different riding modes…

  4. Satyajeet Sangave 9 years ago

    great design

  5. leonardo 7 years ago

    esta mal ese diseño

  6. leonardo 7 years ago

    esta mal es diseño

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