Madrid – Stockholm on a 125cc Motorcycle

Madrid – Stockholm on a 125cc Motorcycle

Wen Colom proving that you certainly don’t need a huge adventure bike to have an adventure! He has made a really inspiring edit showing the first half of his trip from Madrid to Stockholm with his first motorcycle, a 125cc Honda Varadero.


Some more info from Wen:
“Follow my trip daily at with more than 8.000km across 7 countries and another 7 more to get back home.
This is an inspirational trip that started as a dream in June 2015 and now it has become a real project supported and funded by many people. Without their help I could have not been able to do this, also every person I met along the way made this experience unique and share an essence that is now, part of my soul. Now I’m on my way back to Spain, winter is coming and I still have another 8.000km left to explore and enjoy.

This is my gift to all the people that made this happened and also a message to all the dreamers that think they can’t do whatever their dreams are. It’s all about decisions, effort and love. Be true to your dreams and you will find yourself discovering new horizons that you never imagined, parts of you that didn’t know about, always surprising, always a lesson. The only one that can limit your desires is you, get rid of the word “I can’t” and start looking for the way of making it happen.

This is my first motorbike, I didn’t have the money to do it, and never traveled alone. I didn’t listen to my fears, I was moved by love, and by a really strong feeling that it’s always possible if you fight for it.
This video is specially dedicated to José Ignacio, a crowdfunder of this project, brother of dreams and a huge inspiration that helped me to understand that if you want something with passion and love, there is nothing that can stop you. Sadly he will never watch this video, but he will always be remembered and will live in all the persons that touched with his magic during his life.
Stand up, start making decisions and change your life forever. You, as me… are able to do something special with your life. Whatever your idea is…

Start building thelifeofYOU.

Wen. ”

Follow his trip daily at



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