Mad Max Dark Duke!

Mad Max Dark Duke!

Check out this one of a kind custom built KTM 690 Duke scrambler by Nico Rothe and Henrik Gustavsson at Krämer Motorcycles! Photos kindly taken and sent to me by Christof Henco.

A bit more about the story behind this bike from Christof:

This bike started life on the set of Fast and the Furious 6! It was used there for a few takes on some of the action sequences, even if they did get left mostly on the cutting floor.
Anyway, returning home to Mattighofen it found it’s way into Nico’s capable hands where he has taken it from a standard Duke 4 to the Dark Duke which we had posted originally on HKR-Racing here ( which was also shared on Derestricted.
Now over the winter Nico’s idea was to make it more beastly.
This however is just a step along the way. The bike is not complete as shown here, so Nico is open to all Critique and Ideas as to where to take it next.
Things done so far:
Handlebar — Black
Air Box Cover — Clear
Subframe — Black
Main and Crash guard frame — Husaberg Gray
Full Akrapović race exhaust
In street mode: the front fender was exchanged for the RC8R carbon one
Wheels where upgraded to the new 2014 Spec
For Mad Max version the Wheels where exchanged again for the once from an SMC 690
Custom Seat covers where made
EJC Race rear sets where powder coated black
Just about all Carbon parts that are available in the KTM PowerParts Catalogue where added. This includes:
1) Radiator shrouds
2) Rear Tail eliminator— including switch to PP numberplate holder and EXC tail light
3) Ignition surround
4) Chain Guard
5) Main Sprocket cover
Things on the wish list include:
Other Forks more suited to this type of riding
With that the rear shock will need to be modified and adjusted
The Foot pegs could be replaced with pivot pegs
Perhaps also the Subframe as Pablo has suggested with his White Duke?
This build is ready to ride, but not at the end of its development…


  1. Trisham 9 years ago

    Ohhhhh Baby!!!! This is IT!!!!! :)
    So changing it to spoked wheels and the tires, keeps the ABS functioning still for road riding?
    I’m trying to figure something out for my 390 Duke, Spoked + Dual tires, that doesn’t affect ABS. Would you have any advice for me?

  2. Hakan Gülbitti 9 years ago

    iştee benimkızıım

  3. LANCE RABER 9 years ago


  4. DukeFanGermany 9 years ago

    Which tires are these?

  5. Frank Bond 9 years ago


  6. Phil Thibaudeau 9 years ago


  7. Phil Thibaudeau 9 years ago


  8. Russ Jackson 9 years ago

    I like this a lot….different is good……hints of Steve McQ the great Escape….Cool

  9. Victoria Bondar 9 years ago

    Wow!!!! This is now ma Duke can look like?))) Amazing and wild! But there should be some color spot, for to know where is it in the night on the street or in a marsh after evils racing through forest )))

  10. John Pasichnyk 9 years ago

    какой же ах…. какой же он :)

  11. don 8 years ago

    can you tell us are these the tires and rims from the endro 690r

    • Tom 7 years ago

      No, that’s a 17 inch front. The wheels are of a 690 SMC

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