M & M KTM RCR R Bikenstein

M & M KTM RCR R Bikenstein

Wow, the M & M team have just hit the ball for 6. It’s not even worth starting to list all the ingredients, but what a bike! Would be nuts to drive, but it looks like it would be wickedly good fun for as long as you could stay on it!


  1. Max 9 years ago

    Titanium Yoshimura exhaust are gorgeous…

  2. fredbob 9 years ago

    Paris to Dakar hooligan? Cool whatever it is.

  3. MARCO 8 years ago

    hei…and now I WANT IT! …how can I contact those people who made it?

    • admin 8 years ago

      they only made it in photoshop man. not sure if it would really be ride-able!

  4. Mira 7 years ago

    Whoever did the design on this one, done much better job than the KTM factory on 1190 ADV.

  5. Jose Lopez 5 years ago


  6. james 3 years ago

    if you really wanted it you could build it

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