LET US ROAM – Ray Barbee

LET US ROAM – Ray Barbee

Something a little different for this Friday evening. An inspiring little piece On Ray Barbee. I remember him from back in the day when I was at University and couldn’t afford a Motorcycle. Someone had stolen my BMX so I started skating a few hours every day because there wasn’t much else to get into to burn off some energy, and like Ray says in the video, as with anything you get good by putting in hard work. You can learn a lot about composition, lighting and subject from skating as well, and a lot of these things come across in this little well filmed and edited documentary video.

Ray Barbee is a legendary professional skateboarder from San Jose, California. He made his first appearance in the skate film “Public Domain” and followed it up with his most iconic video part in the movie “Ban This”. Barbee’s passion for music and photography was made accessible through skateboarding. Ray’s short film illustrates his passion for creativity and the importance of passing those values on to his children.
Production Agency: Helio Collective
Director / Cinematographer: Christopher Murphy
Producer: Zach Johaneson
Line Producer: Chad Dawson
Editor: Sam Hedlund
Assistant Editor: Katie Roberts
Colorist: Jim Menkol
Sound Engineer: Jeremiah Slovarp
Additional Cinematography: Adam Kirschhoffer / Greg Hunt / Sam Hedlund
Camera Assistants: Nick Weber
Motion Designer: Josh Davis
Music: Ray Barbee and the Mattson 2 “Yeppers”

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