Leogang Downhill World Champs 2012 – Action

Leogang Downhill World Champs 2012 – Action

We took the lift up to the top and then hiked all the way down to the bottom. I snapped some photos when possible.

These dudes were great. Most enthusiastic fans I have ever seen.

Normally I watch DH races and think it looks way too hectic to ride, but the track at Leogang was mint. It still had some seriously technical rocky, rooted super steep sections, but a lot of it was like a BMX track complete with some sick jumps too. Need to go back there and ride again soon.

So many guys were wearing the new 100% goggles.

If you didn’t know by now, Greg Minaar took the win.

I didn’t really have my photographers hat on for the day as I was with my wife and boy. Was great taking them though, the little man was so stoked and started cheering every time a rider went past.

We took his bike too and he spent ages cruising the pits on it.


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