LEOGANG 1190 KTM HH DE Special Bikenstein!

LEOGANG 1190 KTM HH DE Special Bikenstein!


Putting the BIKE into BIKEnstein, Sylvain at Holographic Hammer has sent me another masterful design from a parallel world: “To celebrate HH’s 5 000 facebook fans (thanks a ton for that by the way) and DERESTRICTED’s 10 000, Piers and I thought we should go to Leogang today to get ourselves a nice medal or something.
We were pretty confident we could do it but they threw us out at the technical check…
-TOO LOUD & UNFAIR – that’s what they said.

At the end we had to let Steve Smith take the victory away from us… hum (based on KTM 1190)

The tank is made only for a sprint down the hill, 3 or 4 min or so! It (or the pilot) would be ruined at the finish line for sure but it would be faaaaaast ! -GO BIG OR GO HOME- kind of deal”

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  1. Motorcross 9 years ago

    Nice design, wouldn’t mind to have one if the price not to expensive.

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