My friend and Colleague Craig who’s Lapierre Spicy we featured here last year has been tuning it up a bit ready for spring, so I thought I would post a few photos from myself and Craig of his bike.


  1. That’s looking amazing! What riding is he using it for? I’m trying to work out what tooth big ring to have on my double setup? What’s that running?

  2. Fl0w 9 years ago


  3. Craig 9 years ago

    Hey! I’ll be riding everything from lunchtime blasts to day-long alp tours as soon as the snow has gone, and will dabble with the Specialized Enduro series and Bluegrass series over in France. I reckon I’ll stick to stage style Enduros this year. Front ring is a 34T at the mo.. will have to swap down to a 32T for all day rides.. XX1 of course would solve all of our probs, but I cant justify the price.. Weight as is: 13.7kg Can’t WAIT to get out again..

  4. RADZIOL 9 years ago

    how much cost u to build this buty beauty ?

  5. Ben Cosby 9 years ago

    What rims/spokes are they?

    • Craig Dent 9 years ago

      Hey man… Crankbrothers Iodine 3 wheelset… Don't know how they ride yet… have to see when the snow's melted. Pretty way to go tubeless though!

  6. Ben 9 years ago

    What rims/spokes are they?

  7. Nathan Hampson 9 years ago

    Looks very nice!

    Couple of questions, what type/brand of chainring is that? Looks to be very light.

    Also, what is the small piece of carbon fibre on the chainstay just in front of the derailleur? Is that a homemade protector of sorts? Looks very nice!

    Top ride, well done.

  8. Craig 9 years ago

    Hey guys, answers to your questions.. Wheelset is The crankbrothers Iodine 3; supposedly strong, but also heard some nightmare stories: lets see when the snows gone. Its a pretty way to go Tubless! Chainring is from Renthal: beautiful, and the small carbon rear mech protector is standard on all Lapierre Zestys and Spicys… :)

  9. Hideyuki Saitou 9 years ago


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