Lahnvalley Crew: WHISTLER

Lahnvalley Crew: WHISTLER

Whistler. The nowadays synonym of Mountain biking. Spending one season there full of riding your bike, experience the lifestyle there and the all around thing. That was the main idea before I decided to spend almost one year there. And when I am looking back now to that time I am glad that I made that decision. There is one big wave in that village and when you meet all those people there, they are there for the same reason like you. They are all on the same wave and you feel there like a bunch of people being there for the same reason. Mountain biking. That is just that unique community which gives the encore to that mind blowing offering how you can your bike there.

I was living in house with almost 10 mates. Most of the mates where riding bikes, our storage room was full of bikes. And the season went on. Andi Tillmann from the Infocus was living with me. Nicola Pescetto from the CPGang spent a season there as well and many buddies from back home came for Crankworx and we made up this video. We wanted to capture how fun a A-line train is, that whole lifestyle is and how big the trail offer is beside Whistler, Squamish the next village just for an example. For people from Europe it is unimaginable how big mountain biking is there, how endless the Canadian forests are, and how nobody is giving a shit if you are building a trail in there or not.

Whistler is such a all over awesome place. Exept riding bikes you can do so many more things in the summer time. FUN is probably the best word, to describe the lifestyle in Whistler. It is all about it. Doesn´t matter if you go rope swinging to the lakes, Wednesday local night in buffalo bills, everything is just so good. There is one vibe in this town and all the people are having this vibe, that’s the awesome thing there.

British Columbia is for sure a place where mountain biking is born and developed a lot.

And I met Scott Collingridge. He is living in Whistler. Funny guy. He told us there is way more good riding around and he had a car. So we decided to make a trip down to Squamish and we found such good trails. Probably the best trail was Grin and Holler with those ladder jumps at the end.

With that video we wanted to show you Guys how sick Whistler is, how sick the lifestyle over there is and first of all how sick mountain biking is. That is probably the main message and we hope you will enjoy that video.


Lahnvalley Crew


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