Superb Campaign sent to me by an old buddy, done for KTM Warsaw in Poland.

“Special stage: KTM WARSAW -DUUST.CO
Distance: 1.000.000 km
Specification of the special stage: fast, hard ground, very bumpy, technical, never-ending fields of dunes, dried river beds, numerous rides across fesh-fesh, difficult navigation, winding mountainous route, trial climb to the finish line at the end – DUUST.CO


Over the past two decades, we’ve dealt with many areas of motorsports in bike and car categories. Starting from the participation in Motocross and Enduro competitions, our path has led us to the finish line of the Dakar. Many years of cross-country rallies and numerous championship titles allowed us to train future motorcyclists, our successors in the motorcycle class, service and work with riders from all over the world. In the meantime, we opened KTM Warsaw shop in order to bring together all motorcycle fans and create one big family. Our next step was to build a motocross team and support our best young riders. Winning 5 Polish Championship titles in 2016 season wouldn’t have been possible without them. Taking also into account the organization of sport events and providing adrenaline to everyone around, we’ve come to the conclusion that whatever we do, there’s always dust.

DUUST.CO is our new home. A goal that many parallel roads were leading to. ”



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  1. Rob Mara 6 years ago

    I will put for wallpaper on my computer, phone, ipad, ipod, ps4 and my garage… hahaha, nice campaign.

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