KTM Supermoto @ EICMA

KTM Supermoto @ EICMA

It could be a 450 SMR, or perhaps a 450 SX-F, but it’s so tricked out it’s hard to tell. Almost nothing seems to be stock on this bike. Thierry Van Den Bosch’s KTM MTR Team supermoto is one of the trickest I have ever seen.


  1. Jensen 10 years ago

    ZOMG!!! Wants.

  2. Skully 10 years ago

    Team MTR goes quite far with their modifications. base bike is a 2012 SMR I believe. they chopped the head stem and welded it back on at a different angle. crossbar in between the lower frame lubes to increase stiffness, same thing could be found on the previous generations SMR. in house made swingarm and linkage as well.

    with all that said, I wouldn’t mind if they parked one of those MTR KTM’s in my garage…

    • Author
      admin 10 years ago

      thanks for the info skully

    • Wierus 10 years ago

      Beat me to it Skully!

      Got my MTR swingarm and linkage sittin here, waiting to be installed! >:D

  3. Diego 10 years ago

    The base bike is a SXF450..totally rewied..the bike is a “factory”and this year MTR won Mettet SuperBiker.

    • Author
      admin 10 years ago

      Thanks Diego

  4. Skully 10 years ago

    just noticed I typed lubes…. giggity giggity

  5. MP 10 years ago

    Want. A lot.

  6. Travis 10 years ago

    So I know this isn’t what everybody is drooling over, but are there any details on that lift? Stand? “Bike-lift” returns nothing of the sort searching. Looks like it might be too rich for my blood… but nice. Maybe there’s a full-size photo that happens to reveal the details of that data plate, if nobody knows?

  7. Patrice Lambert 10 years ago


  8. Paul Bernardini 9 years ago


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