KTM SMC 690 RR – Dario DEE Custom build.

KTM SMC 690 RR – Dario DEE Custom build.

This KTM SMC 690 RR is a little bit special to say the least! Big thanks to Dario Dee for sending it to me.

General info :
“The project bike is based on a standard 2010 KTM SMC 690. During its time under my ownership I have tuned and upgraded it in 2 stages. In its current condition it is on stage 3 tuning. The main intention for this project was to create a better smc than ktm made with the smc r. And so I did, with great success. After a great amount of calculation, time and money my smc rr saw daylight for the first time in late July. RR is short for ”Road Racer” and eats your smc r for lunch. It’s carefully tuned to perform best at mid range and that’s what the dyno results show. It also spins the rear wheel in 4th gear he he.
Goal for this project was low weight high power.
High Power / weight ratio = Success ! ”


Work :
⁃ Powder coated frame ”Alpina white”
⁃ Powder coated swing arm ”Alpina white”
⁃ Retuned fork for best peformance at 75kg
⁃ Ported cylinder head
⁃ Dyno tuned for optimal performance from 60-90km/h
⁃ Removed SAI system and replaced top cover with air filter
⁃ Brushpainted engine bracket bolts black
⁃ Blue anodized ( Husaberg tribute ) :
⁃ 1. engine brackets
⁃ 2. foot brake lever
⁃ 3. fork caps
⁃ 4. rear brake caliper
⁃ 5. foot rest brackets
⁃ 6. chain adjuster brackets
⁃ Crank housing ventilation filter added
⁃ Stock air filter replaced with K&N filter
⁃ Custom licence plate mounting
⁃ Readjusted rear shock
⁃ Koso aftermarket spedomter
⁃ Replaced battery position
⁃ Painted fuel tank white
⁃ Removed in total over 25+kg from the bike
⁃ Increased fork angle on the bike
⁃ Cleaned handle bar for all indication buttons
⁃ Extra fuel filter
⁃ Custom carbon headlight
⁃ Custom led tail light with brake light
⁃ Cleaned rear fender underneath
⁃ Measured tolerance on piston , piston rings, cylinder, valves, valve springs & valve seating.
⁃ Handmade battery box
⁃ Removed turn signals
⁃ Manual idle adjuster
⁃ Adjusted trottle body position
⁃ Cleaned and rerouted complete wiring
⁃ Polished valves
⁃ Repositioned Volt regulator


Parts :
⁃ Alpina Matrix carbonfiber bi-color wheels : 40% stronger 30% lighter
⁃ [ 5.5×17 w. Dunlop Battlax Supermoto ]
⁃ [ 3.5×16.5 w. Michelin Supermoto ]
⁃ Vortex engineering ECU : custom mapping
⁃ Custom inntake stack by dakar engineer
⁃ KTM power cnc tripple clamp : increased fork angle
⁃ Crispy Design custom decals : transparent so it shows carbonfiber fenders
⁃ G2 trottle grip cylinder : for smoother trottle twist
⁃ K&N RX 4120 Air filter
⁃ Ktm power part rear spocket
⁃ Ballistic Evo 2 Battery : weight 800g ( stock 3.5kg )
⁃ Kouba link : better stability and lower rear
⁃ Complete Akrapovic titanium exhaust
⁃ Kawasaki zx10 Akrapovic Carbon exhaust slipon
⁃ New engine start button
⁃ NGK spark plug
⁃ SAI UNI performance air filter
⁃ Crank case vent filter
⁃ Step up foam
⁃ Koso Spedometer gauge
⁃ KTM power part 320mm wave brake rotor
⁃ KTM Rc8 termostat switch : activates fan at 88degrees instead 105.
⁃ Zipty oil drain plug magnet : stronger magnet than original one
⁃ RallyRaid Manual cam chain tensioner : much more realiable & solid than stock one.
⁃ KTM sx handlebar girps
⁃ Meteor carbontech carbon fatbar
⁃ Complete Scott steering damper : absorbs rough surface and prevents vobble.
⁃ Orange cnc oil filter caps
⁃ Blue cnc brake fluid reservoir
⁃ Brembo RCS 15 brake cylinder : much stronger than stock one
⁃ Beringer Clutch cylinder : smoother than stock cylinder
⁃ Beringer 4 piston blue cnc front caliper : stronger and lighter than stock.
⁃ Blue anodized Titanium tripple clamp bolts
⁃ Orange anodized Aliminium engine cover bolts
⁃ Raptor Titanium foot rest
⁃ Hammerhead gear lever : adapted for foot size 9us
⁃ Shroom axle sliders
⁃ New swingarm bearings
⁃ New seat cover
⁃ Carbon fork cover
⁃ Carbon fork protectors
⁃ Carbon Side fenders
⁃ Carbon Radiator covers
⁃ Carbon Front fender
⁃ Carbon headlight fender
⁃ Carbon engine Clutch cover
⁃ Carbon ignition cover
⁃ Carbon foot rest protectors
⁃ Carbon skid plate
⁃ Lignter front spocket
⁃ Fork bleeders
⁃ Custom license plate holder
⁃ All new gaskets
⁃ Valvoline fork oil
⁃ Orange sx cnc fuel cap
⁃ Galfer 240mm wave brake disc
⁃ Hiflo oil filters
⁃ Orange anodized aluminium fender bolts
⁃ Scott handlebar clamps
⁃ TM Performance Orange chain guide


People I want to thank for support :
⁃ Kruno Pavlic
⁃ Roger Hoff
⁃ Svein Scheele
⁃ Matko Simac
⁃ Christian : Crispy Design
⁃ Jon : Spinnin-Wheel
⁃ Tore : Gundersen galvano
⁃ Jon : Profesjonell-Mekanikk
⁃ Frank & Joe : Motostrano
⁃ Karl : Alpina-wheels uk
⁃ Roman : Carbon-Performance
⁃ Gabriel : Seal-engineering



  1. Kuba Werwicki 9 years ago

    Wow nice! ;D great work!

  2. Craig Krantz 9 years ago


  3. Pandis Christos 9 years ago


  4. Houtie 9 years ago

    She is absolutely sick!! Faark! I’m in love!

  5. Stelvio Ferrara 9 years ago

    …slurp!!! :-)

  6. Cristos Pagkratis 9 years ago

    ΠΗΡΕ ΡΕ……

  7. Curtis Aday 9 years ago

    Unreal. Wonder what the cost in the bike is? €20K?

  8. Levi Lloyd 9 years ago

    Moto porn

  9. Dario Dee 9 years ago

    you are actually pretty close there

  10. Dario Dee 9 years ago

    thank you

  11. Arthur Bliss 9 years ago

    I had a 690 SMC and then a SMC R, now two SMR, a 450 and a 530. I always prepare them, and customize every single detail, but I have to say that what you did and how you transformed that SMC is just sick. Congratulations, people can't imagine the hours of work it requires to get a result like you did. Amazing bike, the most beautiful SMC I've seen

  12. Mauro Magliulo 8 years ago


  13. Kevin Townsend 8 years ago

    Great work.id love to take her for a rip

  14. Sérgio Sousa 8 years ago


  15. Sérgio Sousa 8 years ago


  16. Gary Armstrong 8 years ago

    If this bike is for sale then please get in touch with me….. Cash waiting!!!!!

  17. BILLEL 8 years ago


  18. Dario Dee 8 years ago

    I can build new one for you

    • Mosher 7 years ago

      Is there any way for a person to get a headlight assembly like this one?

  19. Gary Armstrong 8 years ago

    Dario Dee give me a clue……. How much to build me a bike like that and I will come and pick it up and ride it home?

  20. Koen 7 years ago

    Anymore photos? More detailed

  21. Jin 7 years ago

    How come no one commented yet? This is one of the sickest bikes i’ve ever seen! Great job :)

  22. Martin 6 years ago

    Were can i get those tail lights ?

  23. DavidW 6 years ago

    OMG the Alpina wheel cost more than some SMC

  24. TJ 6 years ago


  25. quentin 5 years ago

    how you win 25 kg in a SMC ? beacause I try to make my SMCR more light

  26. to 5 years ago

    amazing tune up
    i wonder the resistance of the carbon handle bar ?
    is it bullet proof in case of a fall or weeling ?

  27. David 3 years ago

    No way 25kg reduction you may took some weight out but you also added with all these protections

  28. Alex 2 years ago

    Any problems painting the tank?

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