KTM RC8 Track racer

KTM RC8 Track racer

This is amazing, somebody has gone out and built a 1:1 version of the ktm bikenstein my friend and fellow designer at KISKA Craig Dent put together. Anybody have anymore information on it? This was the bikenstein it is based on done 4 years ago: https://derestricted.com/design/bikenstein-rc8-track-racer

rc8 cafe racer-002

rc8 cafe racer


More bikensteins: https://derestricted.com/category/bikensteins


  1. Gary Inman 9 years ago

    Fantastic. Great that it happened without you even knowing.

  2. Jan-Willem Jansen 9 years ago

    this bike is build by Emil Weber. He runs a dealership in Rümlang, Switzerland-

  3. On aime !§!

  4. Philippe Martin 9 years ago

    Nice !

  5. TC Nicholas 7 years ago

    Love the bike so much that I went out and purchased a project bike to start recreating this look. Now that I’m deep into this project, many questions have arisen. Is there a way to contact the person who actually built one so I can discuss what was eliminated or relocated?

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