KTM Racing Factory Tour – DERESTRICTED photos

KTM Racing Factory Tour – DERESTRICTED photos

We were over at KTM Factory Racing for a meeting this morning and they kindly gave us a tour to check out the facilities and see some bikes getting ready for the next races. What, you want to have a look too? Ok, I took my camera along so here you go. Lots of photos below.

And there was me thinking my bike was trick. Check out Tixier’s sx-F 250!

Was really cool to see a lineup of some of the Championship winning bikes based on GFX I have done for the last 4 years.


Cyril Despres’s KTM Rally 450

ken Roczen in the house.

Fair to say KTM are doing big things in the racing world.


  1. zacher 9 years ago

    Yeah some nice bikes for sure but that last photo blew my mind :D I am jealous

    • Author
      admin 9 years ago

      yea, the entrance looks amazing with that rad wall print.

      • zacher 9 years ago

        Thx man, they obviously mixed up some layers in production but it seems like it still comes out great :D

  2. Dunc 9 years ago

    Seriously cool pics dude, they’re inspirational – there’s something else about a factory garage and the machinery in it, every time I see something like this I want to paint my garage orange.

    • Author
      admin 9 years ago

      thanks man. Was great to see all the bikes, and nice of them to let me take some photos too.

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