KTM Freeride tour

KTM Freeride tour

Some iPhone photos sent to me by Zajcmaster and Chris Hauthaler from an enduro trip they took to an undisclosed location a couple of weekends ago on the KTM freerides. Looking forward to an Enduro trip myself next weekend too!












  1. KissinKate 9 years ago

    Undisclosed location…well I can tell you isn’t North America. I’m 5’8, 145 pounds. This bike I can pick up by myself, put my toes down, load into the trailer and kick some boy ass, even guys on the “real 350 excf’s. I have the 2013 Freeride, and I am moving back to New Mexico and wanted to take my bike with.
    Because it’s an EU bike, I couldn’t find any information on taking it back to the USA. So I literally spammed any contact email on KTM.com. Not only did KTM Europe receive my email, some kind person took the time and forwarded it to someone who could answer my question. They saved me a lot of money and grief. I am saddened and grateful at the same time…

    • Author
      admin 9 years ago

      Hey, well hope you are reunited with another soon, sounds like a perfect bike for you! On the right terrain i think it really makes life easier for a lot of people for the reasons you pointed out.

      • KissinKate 9 years ago

        Thank you. I guess the point, other than giving huge props to KTM, is that when I get home
        I’ll have to buy one of the heavy, tall, bikes KTM offers in the US. Lowering kit, right, my mountain bike has six inches of travel and to ride it I’d have to take some of that off? Seriously, it’s not fair.

        • ptsp 9 years ago

          You could get the low powerparts seat on an exc and drop the sag and the forks down a bit in The clamps and you should be ok.

          • KissinKate 9 years ago

            Thanks ptsp. I have had to do the same thing to my sport bikes. Doing this means there is always a sacrifice. I guess my biggest gripe is, I can deal with the bike being tall, once I get the suspension set up and broken in, it’s not a huge problem. In emergency situations I can do the vagina slide/hop and try and hold the bike up. My problem is, the bikes are too freaking heavy!

      • KissinKate 9 years ago

        on the right terrain? Gauntlet dropped. Bring it.

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