KTM enduro tour in Ibiza with Klaus Kinigadner

KTM enduro tour in Ibiza with Klaus Kinigadner

I’m sitting at a bar in Ibiza at the port drinking a beer and waiting for my boat back to formentera after spending the day riding enduro around the coasts and mountains of Ibiza. Was an absolutely brilliant day. I am by no means an enduro rider but found myself riding up and down ridiculously steep rocky trails without too much trouble. We had bomb proof KTM exc 450’s which somehow managed to make light work of trails it would be hard to walk down. The only problem was when you dropped them as they are pretty heavy, which I did once as I slid off into a bush on a seriously steep downhill. Luckily a nice fellow in our group came to my rescue and helped pull the bike out with me. With enduro speed is your friend. Or rather momentum is. After figuring that out it was just a case of keeping my balance (and being in the right gear) and powering up and across everything which the bike did remarkably well. We had blazing sunshine for most of the day which made for some nice photos but the arrival of some clouds in the afternoon was good too as it cooled down a little. Anyway, if you fancy riding some of the most incredible trails in the world on the magic island of Ibiza then I would highly recommend you check out a tour. I just had my iPhone with me but there is a selection of photos below.
















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