KTM Duke 390 – Scenic tour

KTM Duke 390 – Scenic tour

The weather this summer has been absolutely brilliant. Super hot and sunny pretty much every day for almost 3 months now. Today being no exception, I hopped onto the 390 Duke and took a little cruise up into the mountains for lunch on my own. I turned off the road we normally take near Kiska and set off exploring up a thin winding steep mountain pass I had never been on before which ended up taking me on a perfect loop around a small mountain and back to where I started.







The roads were really tight and twisty so the speeds were mellow and at one point I spent about 15 minutes driving down a steep gravel/dirt road which at times looked more like a riverbed, but the Duke took everything perfectly in it’s stride.




Still digging the 390 Duke!




  1. Rainer Diabl 9 years ago

    Wear proper riding gear!!11 ;)

  2. Rainer Diabl 9 years ago

    Wear proper riding gear!!11 ;)

  3. Derestricted 9 years ago

    Ah dude, it's too hot, and the road was really slow. Barely got out of 2nd or 3rd gear the whole way. It's not an RC8 either :)

  4. Rainer Diabl 9 years ago

    I was just kidding. You know how to ride so you should be good with the stuff you've been wearing. I'd have put on my offroad armor though for at least minimal protection ;)

  5. Patrick 9 years ago

    Don’t dress for the ride man, dress for the crash. Just saying.

    • Author
      admin 9 years ago

      I didn’t dress for a ride or a crash!
      Na, Seriously, I do normally dress properly, this was really just a quick spontaneous mission. mellow cruise on empty narrow mountain paths :)

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