KTM Duke 200 Custom – Chappie

KTM Duke 200 Custom – Chappie

This unique looking custom KTM 200 was built by Autologue Design and based on Neill Blomkamps chappie movie. The design elements were taken as much as possible from the character, as well as using design cues from Hungarian design house Jakusa Design’s rendering which helped to inspire the real life build.

The base bike is a ktm duke 200 built for their customer Anubhav Arya from Sylvassa in India.

Check out the rest of the excellent making of videos below.

We learnt a lot from jakusa designs concept render of a chappie bike and took design cues from that .
We built the head with led eyes and headlamp unit. Can be controlled and made to light up.
Has transparent panels on the tank that light up to showcase the ecu.
Glow in the dark 3D printed badges on the sides.
Race dynamics ecu piggyback that also is seen in the tail under the transparent panels.
The shapes and patterns on the body are shapes from chappie like the circular plates and mechanical looking metal shapes.

No chassis modifications done for any of our builds and are bolt on.


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  1. Nikh 3 years ago

    Can the ktm chappie kit avaliable in market fit other bikes similar to ktm duke

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