KTM AIROH AVIATOR HELMET 2014 / 100% Goggles

KTM AIROH AVIATOR HELMET 2014 / 100% Goggles

The new Airoh Aviator from the 2014 KTM powerwear collection just arrived as well as some amazing new 100% goggles so I snapped a few photos.


The helmet is ridiculously light as anyone who has tried one knows. The Carbon-Kevlar® mix weights 950 g!


The goggles are the Neon Sign racecraft model from ride100percent. They fit well with the Airoh’s shape but you dont need the goggle nosepiece and the helmet nosepiece and since I have a big snout I prefer to take the detachable nose piece on the goggles off to give myself a little more space, but you can also take off the black piece on the inside of the Airoh if you prefer.


There are also all kinds of nice new 100% Dual pane Mirrored lenses for all the sweaty bastards out there like me. I never had any trouble with fogging while riding motocross or DH, but I did riding enduro and skiing with them. These Dual pane lenses should put an end to that. Check them out here.


Removable, washable, moisture-wicking, antibacterial inner lining and cheek pads






  1. blancinegre 9 years ago

    Have this combo, Airo Cairoli Replica and 100% Racecraft Red Mirror…nod dual layer though… and yes those get fogged in slow enduro. Will order thes immediately!

  2. AJ 9 years ago

    That’s so sick dude..drool!

  3. Francois du Toit 9 years ago

    Where can this helmet be purchased from?

  4. Adit Dhannis 9 years ago

    how much?

  5. Daniel Baxter 8 years ago

    Those are some great colors. I love the helmet and you can't say no to 100% goggles

  6. William 4 years ago

    Great review. Would like if u made the images smaller and more text ;)

  7. Andrés Ardila 3 years ago

    Me gustaría obtener este casco

  8. Luis C 2 years ago

    Do you still have the helmet?

    • Author
      admin 2 years ago

      I still have one

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