KTM 690 Duke 2016

KTM 690 Duke 2016

Here are some more photos of the new 2016 KTM 690 Dukes, the standard white and Orange versions. Some detail shots and some action. All photos by Sebas Romero.



The brilliant LC4 showcases twenty-four carats of fun. From the trademark 690 cm³ thumper, the engineers have now extracted a whopping 73 hp (54 kW) and 74 Nm of torque, making light work of the equally lightweight 690 Duke. How it happened? They completely reworked the cylinder head, inserted a new, ultra light and extremely strong piston and connection rod, rerouted the air intake through a resonator chamber and provided the new crankshaft with new sleeve bearings. As a result, the powerband now is a thousand rpm wider, which means an even more uniform power delivery, especially in the mid to high rev range. Twin ignition featuring plug-selective mapping, rock solid but featherweight internals and optimized intake and exhaust systems cultivate this massive mono to be as strong as it is smooth, assisted by an advanced ride-by-wire system with three riding modes, which guarantees great refinement as well as low fuel consumption and emission figures. You’re green, while they’re green with envy. And you haven’t even begun mentioning upmarket goodies like a standard slipper clutch.

Inside the new cylinder head, the exhaust valves are actuated by roller rockers while the camshaft powers the intake valves. Therefore, the ignition timings can be controlled with far greater accuracy. The result is more peak power over a broader rev range. Win-win!


  1. Paul Moek 7 years ago

    I bet this was shot in the canary islands! Looks exactly like Tenerife!

    • Author
      admin 7 years ago

      Yea it was!

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