KTM 500 EXC Dirt tracker

KTM 500 EXC Dirt tracker

Pretty cool KTM 500 EXC converted into a dirt tracker. I like that he left my original Graphics on the sides too :)


“It was the old ABC superbikers that inspired me for this build
I loved those plain and simple muscle bikes, 500cc two stroke, super powerfull, super light, big brakes, fat tires, no bullshit!


The EXC is the perfect base for that.
I just lowered it, stiffened it and installed the super wheels with dirt track tires.
Some small cosmetic work and cleaning up


The result is the ultimate urban racer!
I bet you, if you were to race from one end of town to the other, this is the bike to beat!
Plus it is fully competitive on the dirt track!
You can race this on any sunday and ride it to work on monday.

The dirt track tires from Goldentyre are full blood racing tyres and come in four different compounds and all are homologated for the street.


Everybody that has ridden this bike fell in love with it. Regardless on or off road!





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  1. Richard Pollock 8 years ago

    need more swingarm angle!

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