KTM 450 Flat Track – Lorenzo Buratti

KTM 450 Flat Track – Lorenzo Buratti

Big thanks to lorenzo Buratti for sending me these great photos of his bike! Here is some info:

“KTM 450 Flat Track, based on a EXC enduro model year 2005, modifications: complete 19″ wheels, suspensions, exhaust system, balanced cranckshaft & piston, the fiberglass monocoque body have quick realeases to have rapid acces to engine during races tune up, inspired by drag racing cars, rear subframe cutted and lowered in order to have low seat and center of gravity, the bike is fired up by an external starter, if you want to transform your cross or enduro bike into a ready to race flat track machine drop me a line to ask for what about the costs.” – Lorenzo Buratti




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  1. Maître Corbeau 8 years ago

    idée sympa…..par contre le coude d'échappement, quel travail de cochon.

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