KTM EXC SIX DAYS 2015 : Argentina

KTM EXC SIX DAYS 2015 : Argentina

The 2015 KTM 6 Days EXC for this year has an Argentinian themed graphic as that is where this years ISDE race will be held. The light blue used in the Argentinia flag was a little tricky to work with, so we added a darker blue gradient over it in places to make it a bit bolder. We also tried a slightly different style for this year to fit better with the Argentinian theme. The 6 days event is always in a different country each year, so the idea was to bring a bit of that travel feeling into the graphic. It is meant to look a bit like your passport being stamped all crooked as you go through customs to enter the country or the travel labels on your luggage being stuck on at all angles. A little rough around the edges but still bold and clearly showing the destination of the event, in this case, Argentina.

Below are some photos of the final bike we presented to KTM at KISKA as well as some studio shots of the finished production bike.


You can see the full lineup of 6 days models now on the KTM website here.


  1. Zoltan 8 years ago

    Looks great! I have a new favorit 6D graphic since the Saxony ISDE….
    The flag’s blue is perfect complementary to the ktm’s orange.
    Will you sue me if I make a version to fit my ’07 EXC? :)
    Of course no commercial use and only after my ’77 ISDT graphic wears off completly. :)

    • Author
      admin 8 years ago

      Thanks Zoltan, wait until you see next years Slovakia 6D Graphic :)
      Don’t worry, I wont sue you man. if it’s just for personal use I cant imagine KTM would sue you either, but please don’t quote me.

      • Chandler 8 years ago

        about to pre order the 2016 Slovakia 6D! Any idear when images will be released?

      • Chandler 8 years ago

        Just pre-ordered the 2016 Slovakia 6D! Any idea some images are going to be released?

        • Author
          admin 8 years ago

          Should be soon i would think. The presentation bike looked great, just hope the final version is as good!

  2. Matej 8 years ago

    2015 ISDE in Slovakia? whooou that´s my country :) I´m getting my ´14 690 Enduro next week so I will be a spectator for sure.
    By the way, how is it with design on KTM´s? Kiska makes bike design and Derestricted makes color themes?

    • Author
      admin 8 years ago

      sorry, just saw this comment! No, I work at KISKA, we do all design and marketing for KTM in house. DERESTRICTED is just a pet project on the side and has nothing officially to do with KTM.

  3. Boby Cruz 8 years ago


  4. Stanley David Lingard 8 years ago

    Not too shabby

  5. Walter Soares 8 years ago

    can you make this graphics brasil six days ?

  6. carlos admilton 8 years ago

    tenho uma ktm 2011 six day e quero comprar uma 2015 six day 350

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