KTM 250 EXC Supermoto

KTM 250 EXC Supermoto

On paper, a two stroke supermoto doesn’t make a huge amount of sense because there are so many good 4 stroke KTM EXC and Husqvarna FE models available which can be made into killer supermoto’s. But growing up as a kid all of the offroad racing was done on pre-mix bikes, Supercross, Motocross and Enduro, so all I dreamed about was 2 strokes! 

As such I have always been curious what a well dialed 2 stroke supermoto would be like and after today, I now know the answer!

As is so often the case with bikes, the kind of terrain you ride really dictates what is the most suitable bike for you and I can tell you that on the tight and twisty roads up Rossfeld, this 250 EXC is an absolute blast! 

You need to clutch it every now and then to get it to pickup out of the corners but when you do the motor just braaaaaps! I like the upright riding position of supermotos so had the tires scrubbed all the way in to the edges on the first ride, something that took me a while on the 390 and 690 Dukes I had before. 

Would a 4 stroke EXC be better? yes probably, but it wouldn’t be as light and snappy, or give you that raw buzz of riding a 2 stroke! The tighter the roads were the better this thing was to ride. It tops out at a respectable 160kmh which was fast enough for today on my first street ride of the year. The bike has a Beringer 6 piston front brake Caliper with the KTM Brake Disc 310 mm Floating Wave Rotor which is by far the most amazing front brake I have ever felt. Sooo responsive that thing, but it also has amazing modulation. Love at first stoppy!


The biggest pain with road legal (ish) 2 stroke EXC supermoto’s is that you need to premix the fuel and they use quite a lot of fuel. I think the big tank on this would take you further than the 390 Duke but then you cant really just pull into a garage and refill because you cant mix the fuel properly. Anyway despite some practicality issues when using an enduro bike as a Supermoto, overall this KTM EXC 250 weights in at barely 100kg and offers about as pure a motorcycle riding experience as you can have.

 I was getting a little nervous without being able to see behind me on the road, so stuck on one of the ugly stock EXC mirrors. I wanted a pair of the flip up Acerbis ones, but the local KTM shop was out of stock. I think a new mirror or two will be the first upgrade to this thing. Anyway, enough chit chat, here are lots of photos from the ride today, around Salzburg and Rossfeld!



  1. marco 8 years ago

    very cool bike .Ithink if you put an automatic recluse this bike begin a really street hooligan

  2. Pieke 8 years ago

    Why would you want an automatic clutch in a street bike? Automatic clutches are only good for off-roading.

  3. Alexandre Raymond 6 years ago


  4. Alca 5 years ago

    Shes a beauty!

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