KTM 2014 250 SX-F. 2nd Ride.

KTM 2014 250 SX-F. 2nd Ride.

Due to work and family commitments I have only managed to ride once in the past couple of months so I was really looking forward to getting out on a bike again. The problem with MX though is that if you dont ride all the time you get fairly out of shape, so I was struggling pretty bad with armpump. We were riding at Sollern next to Mattighofen which is a seriously rough and narrow track. Fun but tough. In any case, the bike was absolutely brilliant and the more I rode it and the more warmed up I got, the more I fell in love with it. It is by far the easiest MX bike I have ever ridden. It went wherever I pointed it, the power was incredible and I didn’t even adjust the bikes suspension a single click which was quite surprising to me as I usually play with the compression and the rebound quite a lot.





Point and shoot.





It did feel a bit heavier, especially in the air, but it was also incredibly stable which was great for boosting confidence.






Thanks to Simon for taking all the photos.


  1. FrauSim VieReu 9 years ago

    U're welcome
    And thanks for posting the pix of my "old" Berg as well :P

  2. ai no estrangeiro já sabem qual é o sabor e a sensação.
    de enrola o cabo de uma 2014…
    nos aqui no brasil só chupando o dedo de vontade tá demorando pra chegar aqui……o meu tá no vivo…

  3. Nicolas Autfray 8 years ago

    la fouine

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