KTM 1290 Superduke R prototype

KTM 1290 Superduke R prototype

30 minutes ago the Kiska designed KTM superduke 1290 r was unveiled to the public at Eicma in milan. This prototype is the first fully functional show bike KTM has ever made and kicks out an estimated 180hp with the custom made akrapovic exhaust.

From our point of view it was really a dream design project involving not only loads of people from ktm but also almost everybody in the transportation department at Kiska.

We are heading down to the show so I will take some photos when I am down there but for now here are some of the official pictures and a few a took earlier.

Official info from KTM:
Engine: liquid-cooled V-twin based on the RC8 R with ride-by-wire
Displacement: one.point.three
Power and torque: more than ever
Electronic assistance: ABS, traction control, anti-stoppie and anti-wheelie control (all can be deactivated)
Frame: Chrome-molybdenum steel tubular frame
Swingarm: Light-alloy single-sided swingarm
Suspension components: WP prototypes – upside-down fork with gas pressure cartridge, directly connected shock absorber
Wheels and tyres: Light-alloy wheels with slicks
Brakes: Brembo racing callipers front and rear
Weight: unbelievably low


  1. Supermoto Central 10 years ago

    Geez that orange is bright..its burning holes in my screen :D

    I like it but that headlight is mounted way too low.

    • ptsp 10 years ago

      Haha yea it’s pretty bright. Pictures barely do it justice. It’s a camera not a headlight though.

  2. Crazy31 10 years ago

    What a concept bike!
    Did you worked on this one and on the final Superduke? Is the engine common with the RC8 (a biggest one in fact 1290 Vs 1190)

    I had a SD 2009, a black one. I sold it to get a track bike (Yamaha R6), but I’m really looking forward for this new SD for a new roadbike!

    • Author
      admin 10 years ago

      Hey, happy you like it. yea i worked on the bike along with lots of other people. I think ktm will have some more info officially soon.

      • Crazy31 10 years ago

        It’s already impossible to find any picture of the swing arm on the internet. I believe it’s a point that KTM don’t really want to show for the moment, regarding the pictures are all from the other side or in a big smoke from a burn.

        Nevermind, thanks for your answer. Would love to work in a company as yours!

        • ptsp 10 years ago

          Na not at all man, I will post one soon from the other side, it just looks better from this Angle ;)

        • ptsp 10 years ago

          Hi, i put a Photo of the other side on my Instagram, can find it on right of the homepage

  3. Don 10 years ago

    Look amazing, though it reminds me the Ducati panigale with that mono arm and exhaust.

  4. zjdsn 10 years ago

    MONSTER Duke !! a beauty!

  5. K Robert 10 years ago

    This thing absolutely slays me! I hope we see this in production or something really close to it!

  6. dream bikes 10 years ago

    See the photo compilation about 1290 SDR prototype … http://youtu.be/ButyKbZMD-k

  7. cam mead 10 years ago

    Looks really good, first impression is its similar stance & shape to the z1000 but like hyper evolved with that custom built look to it, rather than all the parts looking factory/robot made which is really nice

  8. Piers Y 10 years ago

    Stunning! Absoltely stunning! Big pat on the back to Kiska for raising the bar again.

  9. JP 10 years ago

    Awsome, just awsome!

    • JP 10 years ago


  10. Oz 10 years ago

    Amazing! Makes me want to get a bike license asap!

    • ptsp 10 years ago

      Wouldn’t be my recommendation for a first bike dude! Better start with 125cc or 200cc or new 390 duke. Or even 690 but that’s also wickedly fast!

  11. Christian Eldridge 10 years ago

    Congratulations! That has just taken the top spot on my favourite show bikes! It’s awesome.

    “Dear Santa, I have been a good lad this year and therefore I would like….”

  12. Marakon 10 years ago

    Best Bike @ EICMA 2012!

  13. Marrkit 10 years ago

    KTM 1290 Superduke R prototype looks bold, but at second glace mostly because of the colour and graphics. Otherwise it looks more like race ready, stripped down and tuned production bike, than a good design concept. Akrapovic exhausts are usually considered aftermarket parts right?

    Lets be honest this bike is more like a good exercise in tuning, which doesn’t seem to offer much new in the styling department. The small pointy tail reminds me of the RSV4. The low headlight unit is the main styling innovation, but its let down by the fact that its probably a camera instead. So much design can go into the headlight that in this case is let down by only a hole with maybe a small after market Xenon headlamp. Maybe the swing arm which remains hidden in all the photos can provide a refreshing design angle, but I’m doubtful.

    As over designed/built as the MV Rivale is, at least they they tried to bring something new to the market.

    Remember what the 990 Superduke looked like? Now ask yourself is the KTM 1290 Superduke R prototype that different? Is it exploratory, does it take us forward and challenge convention?

    • Dersu 10 years ago

      @Marrkit: Why should it be something dramatically different/new? Porsche has been making and remaking the same design (911) for decades. Does anyone care? No. Because that’s what Porsche/911 is all about. And this is what KTM and Super Duke are all about.

      Remember though, this is just a prototype! The production model is 12 months (allegedly) away. BTW, the swing arm alone is much of a change in my book. Much more than just some differently shaped plastic parts, that we see on so many (japanese) sport’s bikes.

      • Author
        admin 10 years ago

        Thanks Dersu, kind of what I would have written.

  14. Marrkit 10 years ago

    I guess its a matter of opinion and merchandizing strategy. personally I think the automobile industry is not the the same as the motorcycle industry. But I would say that from a design perspective KTM/Kiska is much more exciting and creative than Porsche and it has the ability to be more creative.

    OK so you don’t think it matters that since the release of the Super Duke in 2007 the form language for the Super Duke group has barely changed?

    So why does the 1190 Adventure look so different from the 990 Adventure which was also released around 2007 (like the Super Duke)?

    And why does the SX line from 2007 look quite different from that of 2012?

    As far a prototypes go, it would have been better if KTM had asked a few more questions and challenged the concept a bit more (that’s what concepts are for), instead of offering a design that could also have been done by a tuner.

    After all since when has KTM played it safe when it comes to form language?

  15. EofA 10 years ago

    Man, I wish most concepts ended up being the production model. Most of the time they change dramatically. The actual price tag on this concept would be outrageous. But I’d froth over this for sure.

  16. Marrkit 10 years ago

    Any pictures of the new swing arm design?

  17. Daniele 10 years ago

    i saw it live on sunday and i can say that the front view is awesome,in particular the position of the front light.from the side view the bike is super aggressive and from the rear it seems so small.this is the most badass bike i’ve seen in years and the most beautiful bike at eicma for sure.

  18. Mourad 10 years ago

    Overall the design is awesome!
    Just bothered by the front light that looks like a cheap and awfull one taken from the remaining of a dirt bike. The rear pipe shape also looks akward :(

  19. Ronald Fernando 10 years ago


  20. Saku Honon 10 years ago

    nice naman nito.

  21. Peter Stanly 10 years ago

    สวยมากๆๆ ราคา เท่าไหร่คับ.

    • Sittinon Ksr 10 years ago

      1.299.900 บ ตัวนี้1290 cc ครับ !! ผมก็ชอบสวยมากครับ +.+

  22. Quieero una Super Dukeeè KTM.

  23. Julia Keck 10 years ago

    sexy bike!

  24. Julia Keck 10 years ago

    sexy bike!

  25. Lemon Tree 10 years ago

    ขอราคา ดาวน์ ส่ง.

  26. Akilan Ktm 9 years ago

    i like this bike

  27. Akilan Ktm 9 years ago

    my hart duke 1290

  28. like this bike

  29. Manola Schreyer 9 years ago

    This is the naked bike i was wfeaming about….god job KTM..
    where we can get one ???
    Hartmut Schreyer

  30. Anonymous 9 years ago

    can i have code colour for that rims

    • Author
      admin 9 years ago


  31. Mike O'Connor 9 years ago

    B. E. A. Utiful.

  32. Shjn Rùa 9 years ago

    klq nhưng hơi bị kết em này :3

  33. Pickerboo John 8 years ago

    Lovely ………sweeet

  34. Louis Edgar 6 years ago

    Fuck me sideways perfection right there

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