KTM 1290 Superduke r at Kiska

KTM 1290 Superduke r at Kiska

We have in the Kiska design studio today both the working prototype of the KTM 1290 Superduke r which was presented last year at EICMA, and the final 1290 R production model which was released last week, and I guess since it’s Friday you wouldn’t mind seeing photos of either right?












  1. Khai Rahman 9 years ago

    Really love this!

  2. dunc 9 years ago

    Forget the 1290 SDR, we wanna see the new 450 rally replica!

    Seriously tho thanks for posting the superduke pics (especially the launch ones) – seriously sweet bike.

    • Author
      admin 9 years ago

      Wellllllll I took a load as the rally is sitting next to the superdukes out of shot, but need to wait until after EICMA to post them :)

  3. Martin Vucsina 9 years ago

    Die Ankunft der neuen Superduke sehnsüchtig erwarten um mich endlich von meiner 990er Luftpumpe trennen zu können, nun die totale Enttäuschung,

    Das Rahmenlayout der neuen SD ist vom Design her grundlegend verhaut.
    Der Rahmen unter dem Fahrersitz bildet optisch eine Mulde (Kuhle) .
    Das nimmt jegliche Spannung aus der Linie und lässt das Motorrad schwerfällig wirken.
    Die alte SD wirkte da wesentlich dynamischer.

    Ja Herrschaftszeiten, muss ein so geiles Motorrad wirklich so aussehen, dass man es “schönsaufen” möchte?

    Es grüßt ein enttäuschter KTM Fahrer.

  4. dunc 9 years ago

    YAY!! Can’t wait – styling looks bang on from the recent Morocco pics.

    We need some teaser stuff – tell the powers that be :)

  5. Rahul Mazumder 9 years ago

    I just miss the brilliant wheels and that unique exhaust system from the prototype!
    Any idea why the exhaust system was changed in the final version?

    • Author
      admin 9 years ago

      yes, it was far too loud, would never be allowed on the streets.

  6. Karan Giri 9 years ago

    cause they were gp restricted

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