KLINT KRYPTO Lite review

KLINT KRYPTO Lite review

Thinking about it, the last time I actually enjoyed skiing powder was close to 18 years ago when I had some 197cm GS skis and did a lot of mountaineering and touring. I switched to snowboarding almost full time after my last walk/climb up Mont Blanc, many years ago. The next time I spent any length of time on skis was when twin tips first came out and I got some little park skis to hit rails and learn some tricks in the park. They were useless in the powder though so whenever it snowed I was straight back on my snowboard. It has stayed this way for close to a decade, until I got these Klint Krypto’s a month ago. Since then, I haven’t been back on my snowboard once. Surprisingly to me, I haven’t even considered it. Don’t get me wrong, I still love snowboarding and I am sure I will be back on the board for some late season jibbing, but these skis have just changed the way I look at skiing and even the mountain as a whole. They are mainly Big Mountain Freeride skis but they just seem to rip everywhere. So what is it with the Klint Krypto lites that make them so good? Well, the technical stuff first. They are fat, really fat. Don’t fit in the racks on all the telecabines fat. (I had to take them into the lift with me). The pair I have are 187cm length, they have a tip width of 145 mm, are 123 mm underfoot and have a tail width of 142 mm. They also have huge rockers on the tip and tail, which is what makes them so incredible in the powder.

Over the past month in Salzburg where I live it has barely stopped snowing once above 1000m. Last weekend alone there was 70cm of fresh in 24hrs. 2 days later there was another 30cm’s. In summary, the snow has been deep. And that’s where these skis really shine. You can keep your weight almost completely centered and ski, which is something I have never really experienced before. In the past you really had to sit in the backseat, but with these you can press your shins against the front of your boots and as a result can maintain way more control than I have ever felt in the past. Landing big drops in the powder, the rocker just shoots you back to the surface of the snow. The sensation is just brilliant. The same thing happens with every turn, the skis just float incredibly well which fills you with confidence and the wish to charge everything as fast as possible.

I am 5ft 10 and took the longest version of the skis available. When they arrived I was thinking I made a mistake and should have bought them smaller, but out on the mountain they really don’t feel big at all. The actual running edge is pretty short due to the big rocker so they carve up the pistes way better than I had expected and ski like a much shorter ski. They are also really lite which makes it easy to move them around. The only Achilles heel to these skis I found was a couple of times when I hit a really hardback, rutted icy run, as due to the really wide width underfoot, when you crank the ski over it feels like your knees are going to rip out because of the leverage. The solution I found to this was to just take wider, faster turns. On piste, on softer snow, short turns are brilliant though, and the skis just whip you from side to side. You do need to have strong legs to get the most out of these skis, but I think the same could be said for most skis.

In summary, this is without a doubt the most fun pair of skis I have ever tried and they have in fact been a huge game changer for me. If you snowboard and want to try out skiing, or you are just looking for some great new all round twin tips, then look no further.

MSRP is $750.00. Check out klintskis website for more info here.

Apologies for the low quality images. When the snow is as good as this, not many people are into taking photos, so nothing was setup and they were all spontaneously taken with the iphone by my little bro and sister.


  1. steve 10 years ago

    beautiful pics, Welcome to modern powder skis. I like mine at 135 100 120 w/ the early rise. I cant get the fatter ones around as quick

    • Author
      admin 10 years ago

      Thanks, it’s liberating for sure. These skis just whip around soooo fast it’s unreal. So fun.

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