KISKA lunch trail

KISKA lunch trail

We hit up the trails behind KISKA at lunch on our mountain bikes for a short ride. I have been shooting a lot of Motorcycles with the Canon F4 70-200 IS but up until today had never tried it for any action shots, which was actually the main reason I got it. The light kind of sucked and I’m still figuring out the optimum subject distance for action shots using a long lens as well as which settings work best, but I learnt a lot. Anyway, I figured it was worth a small post, if for nothing else other than the fact that my colleague Jules had a pretty spectacular crash which I managed to capture! Luckily he was ok. Craig Dent is in the blue.

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  1. Greg Smith 9 years ago

    Hopefully I can get back there in the near future and spend a day riding with you guys! – Great shots Piers

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