Kenny Smith on Devinci

Kenny Smith on Devinci

Located between Whistler and Vancouver’s Lower Mainland, the town of Squamish, B.C., is a year-round mecca for rock jocks, migrating salmon, and legendary loggers. It’s also home to Cycles Devinci newest bike ambassador, Kenny Smith, who adds “hein-y” elements to that sea-to-sky scene in the form of big lines and massive personality.

“We’re stoked to have Kenny on board,” says DGR team manager, Gabe Fox. “He brings a fun, youthful edge to the program. And I look forward to seeing him get loose this season.”

On DGR, Smith joins Whistler-based teammate Ian Morrison and longtime friend, Stevie Smith. “It’s a reunion of sorts,” he says. “Along with Gabe [Fox], Stevie and I both rode for Cove Bikes back in the day. And I’ve been exploring Whistler trails with Morrison for years. It feels good to be part of the Devinci effort. It’s a Canadian brand with a strong local following.”

Similarly, Smith’s efforts have also landed him loyal subscribers over the years. His riding graces everything from magazine covers to top freeride vids. And as a connoisseur of “The Hein”—an expression Smith conjured to describe the heinous nature of his infamous stunt work—he’s left indelible impressions on gawkers everywhere.



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