Kawasaki Custom Anniversary Z1 showbike – EICMA 2012

Kawasaki Custom Anniversary Z1 showbike – EICMA 2012

Pretty rad 40th anniversary Z1 Showbike on the Kawasaki stand at EICMA, based on a Z1000.


  1. Poul B 10 years ago

    1000% better than the obese-looking stock bike. So good. Reminds me of Jeff Wright’s (Church of Choppers) ZX10R.
    Only the exhaust and headlight could use some fine tuning in my eyes..

    • Author
      admin 10 years ago

      yea i agree, let down a little by the front part of the exhaust. Still pretty sick though.

  2. Clayman 10 years ago

    Very nice, designed by my friend Angel Lussiana.

    • Author
      admin 10 years ago

      Thanks for the Info man.

  3. FRCA 10 years ago

    very nice rendetion one could look and say i would do this different or that but that is a desirable concept that would be purchae by the masses

  4. KEZZ 10 years ago

    Have been a Kawasaki person since buying my first road bike in 1970.Have owned a number of 500 triples.Bought a new Z1B in 1975,then collected a few more Zeds over the years to add to my small stable of bikes.So as you can see,I love the Z.However,taking a look at the ”TRIBUTE”to the mighty Z,Kawasaki may as well have done nothing at all.To me,the bike is not a true indication of what they could have,and should have done.The display of the bike at the show was piss poor.It could have been way,way better.To take a stock bike from the factory,gut it,replace the tank which to me, looks like a Zephyr unit from the 90’s,bung on a seat which appears to be a stepped down Z1 type,then take a duck tail from the same era,modify it,and wack it on.Then there’s the exhaust.Won’t go there.To me,this bike is an insult to the memory of the model that SAVED Kawasaki’s arse.No telling where they would be now if they had not been beaten to the punch by HONDA way back in 1968.If they had beaten HONDA to the punch,and released the bike we have all seen a prototype of,then I doubt we would be discussing the Z at this point in time.Kawasaki owes a great deal to HONDA for doing what they did,when they did. KEZZ.

  5. marco 10 years ago

    Are they selling this?

    • Author
      admin 10 years ago

      think its just a one off.

  6. Ninjainblue 10 years ago

    I love it….seat and tank could be better, and am sure Kwak designers could do it better…. also… I would buy one!! I already have a Z1b…..ZX7r and a ZX12r so Kwak fours are great !! Stuck in the mud people that dont like it should stick to Hondas ….!!!

  7. Tony 10 years ago

    Just saw that there’s a full photo shoot of this bike here now http://www.returnofthecaferacers.com/2013/01/kawasaki-z1000-40th-anniversary-concept.html

  8. François Krystal 10 years ago

    Z1000 2012 façon Néo-Rétro pour les 40 ans de la Z! Magnifique!

  9. François Krystal 10 years ago

    Z1000 2012 façon Néo-Rétro pour les 40 ans de la Z! Magnifique!

  10. Mexicanus Hobbitus 10 years ago

    Wow…..just wow….

  11. Henri Louis 9 years ago


  12. Henri Louis 9 years ago


  13. Pierre Eerdekens 9 years ago

    wouaw souvenir !!!!!!!! bonne soirée l ami

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