Kaunertal – Red Bull Director’s Cut

Kaunertal – Red Bull Director’s Cut

Short cut for Red Bull from the Legs of Steel “Nothing Else Matters” park segment.
The ambitious concept for lining up 13 skiers over three massive converging park jumps took alot of planning over the course of many months and involved a big crew of talented people to pull off.

Surprisingly, no collisions.

Director/ DP: Andre Nutini
Cinematographer: David Peacock
Cineflex Operator: Irmin Kerck
Phantom Camera Operator: Max Dreihann-Holenia
Phantom Camera Technician: Christian Lichteneggar

LOS Executive Producers:
Paddy Graham
Bene Mayr
Tobi Reindl
Thomas Hlawitschka

Lolo Favre
Bene Mayr
Thomas Hlawitschka
Toni Höllwart
Lucas Mangold
Tobi Mangold
Tobi Tritscher
Fabio Studer
Antti Ollila
Elvis Harsheim
Oscar Scherlin
Nico Zacek
Sebi Geiger

TotoRo – “Totoro’s Rising”


Screen Shot 2014-11-10 at 20.24.21


Screen Shot 2014-11-10 at 20.19.10


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