Indian motorcycles concept for a new era

Indian motorcycles concept for a new era

A new generation concept for the Indian spirit. A board tracker for the electric age. Wojtek Bachleda was kind enough to let me photograph and post his Final semester student project.


  1. Marrkit 10 years ago

    Great work!

  2. Naftali Thaithi 10 years ago


  3. David Sánchez 10 years ago

    Really cool concept bike. I love the project presentation. Great job!

  4. Matthew Carmody 10 years ago

    This is dope.

  5. Matthew Carmody 10 years ago

    This is dope.

  6. Kerry 9 years ago

    The bike has no visual appeal to the ordinary motorcyclist.
    And it certainly wouldn’t be seen by any Indian enthusiast as being an Indian bike.
    Look at how the new Indian motorcycle was crafted – and accepted. This new bike seeks to identify with what a bike is, and what an Indian was.

    • Jack Burrows 7 years ago

      Kerry, are you looking at what I am looking at because I can totally see an indian. I rebuilt a 1918 indian basket case boardie a few years ago and this guys modern electric indian concept checks all the boxes. Do you have an Indian, have you considered what the original Indian factory, not the past few has beens owning the name, would have done with modern materials and tech? And just look at the riders commenting here, seems pretty open for interest.

  7. Matthew Grant 8 years ago

    If you can show me how you wold fit a human body on that thing and have run fine ill buy it

  8. Rob Wallace 8 years ago

    I like it. I found the hint of vacuum tubes especially intriguing.

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