ICON 1000 Triumph Speedmaster

ICON 1000 Triumph Speedmaster

The ICON 1000 Speedmaster is the third collaboration between ICON Motosports and Triumph North America. Crafted in the ICON garage on the stout chassis of a 2013 Triumph Speedmaster, she was a vertical twin of known repute. While her finned cylinders spoke the refined language of an air-cooled era, the twin fork-mounted nitrous bottles shouted in the most egregious modern slang.

Explore the Build: icon1000.com/bike/speedmaster/


  1. B.D.McGee 8 years ago

    Another lame ass icon bike
    Wow, custom ram air scoops!?
    If you going drag racing get a bike that suited for the task at hand. One thats fast,not some wheezing little twin. It’s ugly too. That seat is horrible and those pipes are a crime on a Triumph. With all the beautiful bends of TT pipes and megaphones in Triumphs racing history , they choose pipes that look like they were bent over the edge of the bench and a rectangular? muffler. This whole thing looks like a committee built, corporate hodgepodge
    typical of a promote profit project not for pure heartfelt passion. I love Triumphs but with this one I’m definitely not feeling it dog

  2. Eric 2 years ago

    Vigorously disagree with the previous commenter. I’ve never seen a Triumph Speedmaster look as light and powerful as you’ve done here. Before seeing this machine, I would never have given this model a second look, yet I find myself checking on ads for one to make my own. I love it!

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