Husqvarna FS550 Supermoto (UPDATE +FC450!) – Bikenstein

Husqvarna FS550 Supermoto (UPDATE +FC450!) – Bikenstein

Just playing. I haven’t done a Bikenstein for ages, figured it was time to do another one. Got inspired after seeing photos of the new Husqvarna FC450 MXGP bike which i did the GFX for a while back.

This bike in the pictures doesn’t exist. Would be sick though, 2016 Husqvarna FS550 Supermoto.

Can click the one below to make it bigger:


Custom Graphics kit and all white plastics for the DERESTRICTED Husqvarna FC450 too!


  1. Chester Rumble 7 years ago

    My god! That subtle change in the graphics where the radiator shrouds meets the gas tank makes such an enormous difference in the look of the bike! Why can’t the guys at IceOne Racing or Husqvarna see that!?

    P.S. I still really want a new Husqvarna regardless of how they look!

    • Author
      admin 7 years ago

      haha, well i did the Ice One racing graphic too :)
      The 2016 production bike and the race version GFX emphasise the new body part shapes which was the goal as it’s a new generation bike, but this one above is closer to how I would like mine to look.

  2. Chester Rumble 7 years ago

    My apologies on being a little harsh about the graphics =)
    They do look wonderful and I certainly understand the emphasis on the bodywork now. Thanks!

  3. Marcus 7 years ago

    WOW, Are you kidding me? Just too good looking! :-) Really really super hot graphics! As in pure bodywork design I am not a big fan of the new huskys but these graphic designs made me reconsider a bit and that is what great graphics do, improve the bodywork design. I got new favorite desktop screen saver now. :-)

  4. Steve farese 4 years ago

    Are these exact graphics still available?

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