Husqvarna FC250 mini review

Husqvarna FC250 mini review

Let me begin by saying the Husqvarna FC250 is the easiest Motocross bike I have ever ridden. If you are just getting started into motocross or moving up from a smaller bike then you dont need to read any further, this is the perfect bike for you.

Like all 2014 Husqvarna’s they are a mix of KTM components, Husaberg plastics and a reinterpretation of the classic Husqvarna Color Trim and GFX. Since I worked on the CTG of the bikes I am obviously totally biased but I think they turned out pretty good. Dare I say it, even better than the 2014 KTM SX :) Maybe..

The FC250 inspires confidence. It has some solid power on tap when you get the revs up but it is also surprisingly smooth and linear. Having ridden a 150SX for the past few years all 4 strokes feel easy to ride, but this one is just exceptionally easy. It feels like cheating. Between your knees it feels slightly wider than a KTM and slightly heavier, but this translates into an incredibly stable bike. The FC250 comes as stock with a mapping switch on the handlebars to choose different power modes. I kept it in the more aggressive mode which had good power but was never too hectic that I felt I needed to calm it down.

The bike felt comfortable straight away and on my first ride I stayed out on the track for about an hour without getting tired, something which I could never do on my old 150sx. The power was at times a little too mellow maybe, but I think a good aftermarket pipe would free the engine up and also drop the weight a bit.

The thing feels like it is on rails around corners. It feels planted everywhere and the suspension was super plush soaking up little bumps really well. I bottomed it out a few times but it wasn’t too bad. I think for faster riders it might be too plush, but for me it worked great and despite not having ridden MX for 3 months I never got arm pump which was shocking to say the least! I dont feel the ergonomics are as dialed as on a KTM but they are not a deal breaker either.

What else? Well it revs to the moon like on the KTM 250 SX-F and at higher RPM’s it really flies, but if you find yourself in the wrong gear or you are being a little lazy you can lug it around in the torque if you wish. For some reason I didn’t feel it turned as sharply as a KTM 250 SX-f, but in sweeping corners it was just absolutely brilliant and it never stepped out of line. I have said it already but it’s worth repeating, the thing just felt like it was on rails!

Standard equipment includes black rims, black sprocket, handguards, map switch, new Brembo brakes and a smooth, easy hydraulic clutch. The Brembo’s feature a new master cylinder and floating calipers, 260mm wave discs at the front and 220mm wave discs at the rear. They work exceptionally well.

The transmission is 5 speed like the KTM 250 sx-f and shifts work smoothly.

Overall I liked the bike a lot. I cleared every jump at the X-Bowl arena within a few laps, even jumps which I sometimes skipped on my old 150 when I didn’t get enough drive from the corner. The FC250 just hooks up incredibly well. You feel like you have traction everywhere. I think it could do with going on a diet, maybe put in a lighter battery and get a good pipe on there to also free the engine up a bit but it was such an easy bike to ride and that translated into a lot of fast fun.

This review is based on one day’s riding on one track, so it is far from conclusive, but my feeling was that I would be happy to own this bike.

If you want to read more about it check out the Husqvarna site here. Thanks to Johan and Zacher for taking the action shots.

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  1. Cam Mead 9 years ago

    nice review mate, i would also be happy to own this bike.. just to have in the garage alone! it is by far the best looking bike you can buy right now imo.Its just so fresh.

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