Husqvarna Concept Rally bike – Aniket Das

Husqvarna Concept Rally bike – Aniket Das

Every now and then we receive messages which remind us why we spend so much time with this website, it’s always a rare honour to hear that you have inspired somebody, especially when they turn out to create some pretty sick designs. Aniket Das from India has just completed his Degree project on a Husqvarna concept Rally bike and was kind enough to allow us to share it with you. He is looking for a job now having graduated, so if you are after a motivated and talented Junior designer send him a message at, or connect with him on Linkedin here.

“Hi Piers, Remember I told you I would show you how you inspired me, well Everything that I did, I always remembered your words, “Study those you aspire to be like and try to learn from them. You can see further standing on the shoulders of giants.” Thank you so much for inspiring me always with your work! Warm Regards, Aniket Das”


Project Synopsis:

I’ve been chasing a childhood dream of trying to be an off-road racer. That failed to happen due to financial reasons and the sport being super nascent in my country – India. I couldn’t give up. I had to stay connected with it so it was decided:

“If I can’t race, I’ll design a race bike instead.”

Industrial design helped me in doing what I loved to do, and to be able to collaborate with India’s best off-road racer – CS Santosh, was the icing on the cake. I always wanted to be him and now it was great for us to be in the same team & work together. It felt great to be a part of his growth. Really happy to see where he is now.

I learnt a lot in the process and saw myself improve. Since there were hardly any such students here, everyone appreciated the work done. So it was nothing to be happy or proud about. I wanted to learn from the masters themselves- those who have been conquering Dakar with their motorcycles. So I worked on the subject that was really close to my heart and that became my bachelor thesis at the National Institute of Design, India. After multiple prototypes and models in the project, I’m eager to know what the motorsport industry and the community feels about this approach. It is contextual to India, yes, but whether the idea has applications elsewhere is what I wonder.

I’m very thankful to Piers Spencer for finding two practical flaws in the motorcycle that were unseen by everyone here. Though I couldn’t redo all my scenario sketches, I made it a point to rectify it and show the final renders and the exploded view with the corrections. If only I had Piers as an external guide during my thesis! Well, better late than never. Thanks a tonne!

I’m actively looking for internships in transportation/industrial/graphic design firms that have that connection, where I can learn more about this and improve further. For a look at my entire portfolio, head here:

Mail me at with your valuable feedback and suggestions.

Thank you for your time. Hope you enjoy going through my work.

Experiential Strategy

A new strategy to help aspiring enthusiasts live their dream. At the end of it, the motorcycle would be highly personalised and specific for the user, who would use it to it’s maximum potential without any fear. This concept provides a smooth learning curve with a user based package (where investment is in parts) incorporated with a freemium business model which could carve the path to creating a new way of owning and racing motorcycles. This would accelerate the growth of this sport in the country and quickly help India get at par with the world in this arena.




  1. mark kelley 7 years ago

    Super cool!

  2. latika 7 years ago

    this guy is a genius!

  3. Ming Bhutia 6 years ago

    I loved your designs. Hope you make it to the top.

  4. Aniket Das 6 years ago

    Thank you so much everyone! I’m so glad that this project was received this way :)

  5. Yuhina 6 years ago

    Fucking labour of love dude. Beautiful.

  6. Yogesh 6 years ago

    cool design

  7. sreejith 6 years ago

    mahn its an honor,as an Indian i feel so proud for u brother,i wanna do the same

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