Husqvarna 701 – Early morning KISKA Snapshots

Husqvarna 701 – Early morning KISKA Snapshots

Continuing on with the series of early morning KISKA snapshots which started on the DERESTRICTED facebook page, here are some of the Husqvarna 701 concept showbike.


  1. J@Y 9 years ago

    Nice light! Never get tired of your photos of this bike. Seriously want this concept to go on sale…

    • Author
      admin 9 years ago

      thanks man.

  2. Aigars 9 years ago

    Like collors and front part of bike, but rear is a bit to massive for me… ;)
    Iteresting, how will look thoes wheels in spining?!

  3. Josh 9 years ago

    F**K yes I love this bike. The restrained surfacing and colour treatments are too good.

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