Husqvarna 701 – Canon 6D

Husqvarna 701 – Canon 6D

The Canon 6D is the first time a full frame digital camera has became somewhat affordable and despite being Canon’s cheapest full frame model is one seriously nice bit of kit. This is my first full frame camera and it came with the 24-105 F4 L series lens. I am hoping it will help me to take my photography and the photos I post on DERESTRICTED to the next level, especially once I get some more lenses. Anyway, it arrived today and I wanted to quickly try it out and since the Husqvarna 701 showbike is still in the KISKA studio and I never did a proper post on it I snapped some test shots. I forgot to set it to RAW which is a bit annoying, so these are just JPG but in any case I am still quite impressed with the first test considering the low light. Like the unconventional supermodels who often grace the worlds catwalks, the 701 is shocking, intriguing and a little bit awkward, but also quite striking and to some, even beautiful.



  1. Rainer Diabl 9 years ago

    More instagram'd pics pls

  2. 高木渓 9 years ago

    COOL !

  3. Bj de Groot 9 years ago

    Looks amazing and fresh. Supermoto needs this bike!

  4. J@Y 9 years ago

    Awesome camera & shots. You have some very enviable subject matter to shoot! Love the 701 – the world needs more street-tards, I hope this hits the road soon – the SMCR, DRZ & SXV etc are all sweet rides, but this design is super fresh and a welcome departure from the MX styling. For your 6D, maybe look into the 24 L and 135 L lenses if you get a chance, they are my two favs…

    • Author
      admin 9 years ago

      Thanks dude, will do. My next Lens will be the 70-200 F4 for riding shots this summer but I need a wide 2.8 or lower lens too.

  5. Patrick Keville 9 years ago

    this whip is so festooly

  6. Remi Huard 8 years ago

    Great looking bike, not sure about the headlight though

  7. Remi Huard 8 years ago

    Great looking bike, not sure about the headlight though

  8. Billy Thompson 8 years ago

    not feelin it think about how it will be after 10 years of riding

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