Honda Project 2&4 Ultimate Roadster Concept

Honda Project 2&4 Ultimate Roadster Concept

Pretty cool concept machine from Honda, the Project 2&4 Ultimate Roadster Concept, which may or may not have been designed by an old buddy of mine out in Japan :) Will be road legal but I imagine it will really excel as a track-day car.

Power comes from the same engine found in Honda’s RC213V MotoGP racing bikes, namely a 1.0-liter V-4 that revs to 15,000 rpm.

The Project 2&4 the engine was modified to make it street-legal and apparently has 212 horsepower and a six-speed dual-clutch transmission.

The defining factor of the Project 2&4, is its “floating seat.” The design places the driver as close to the action as possible and together with the open cockpit is meant to recreate the thrill of being on a bike. The structure reveals the core frame and functional parts of the car, just like on a bike, and the size, too, is not much more than that of a bike.  Overall length is 3,040 millimeters, width 1,820 mm and height 995 mm. The weight, meanwhile, is just under 900 lbs.

The Project 2&4 was the result of a global design competition run between the Honda’s global design studios, with the winners being the motorcycle design center in Asaka and the automobile design center in Wako, both located in Japan. Inspiration came from Honda’s legendary RA272 Formula One race car, which 50 years ago became the first Japanese car to win an F1 race when American Richie Ginther was first to cross the finish line at the 1965 Mexican Grand Prix.

The Honda Project 2&4 will be on show at next week’s Frankfurt Auto Show, which gets underway September 15.

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